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This is a book about ‘Those people’.  The ones we all think we know.  Local characters that you might have thought only existed in your town.  Unfortunately you may be wrong, and most unfortunately - you may be one of those people.  If you are, thank you for breaking the monotony.


Praise for Long Live Johnny:


'This book is darker than winter, and funnier than your pale ass in spring! '- K.S.


'A must read for anyone who grew up in small town Canada.  Read as a novel, cover to cover, or peruse as a series of short stories. This book captures and describes a realistic array of characters which leave the reader thinking - “I know that guy!” Relevant and relatable to all, the characters are depicted in an endearing manner which laud the eccentricities of humankind,  the very quality which brings vibrancy and humour to everyday, hometown life.'

Long Live Johnny & Other Tales to Live By - The Reworked Edition