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Who was Canada's J.D.McArthur?  A pretty good question, which I hope,  in part,  to answer.


A Lumberman?  Yes.

A railroad building contractor?  Certainly.

A paper company owner?  Hard to deny.

A brick factory owner?   As far as I can tell.

A friend of the Indigenous?  Back then no one was.

A benevolent soul?  No, not so much.

A friend of the Chinese?  That's not for me to say.



A force of nature?  Just look around, it's obvious.



Something not quite human?  Possibly.  Read a few pages and you just might get what I mean...


The Saga of JD McArthur - The Musical!

Audio CD - $ 19.99

The Saga of JD Book Back cover.jpg

Paperback - $29.99


This book is amazing. Sveinson is a true artist of unique abilities. His verse and illustrations are so acute and engaging that a reader can’t help but feel that they too have become embroiled in the interconnected stories of these make believe characters who live on the very real Hollywood Boulevard.” 

~ Devin Latimer

Festival Artistic Director and JUNO Award Recipient

"Reading this, as an American who’s recently moved to Canada, Sveinson’s perspective gives an honest and in depth look on the true struggles of the average citizen’s life. It’s gripping, bare, and insightful."

~ Jessie Rankin-Guyot, 

Apologetic American, Proud Canadian

“Working just around the corner from Hollywood Boulevard I’ve seen a lot of these people/characters but I have never approached them. Something which is going to change. Everyone has a story, and I for one am going to start listening.”

Alexandro, Hollywood Blvd. Hostel Staffer


"I love the rhythm and beat of the writing as it tells the Great stories which exist within this story. And by the way, the graphics are awesome. All the best!”

~Lorilee Leslie Cole, Winnipeg MB


“While I was reading Sveinson’s captivating, laugh out loud, and appropriately titled ‘Integrity of Character’ I felt like I was standing next to him on Hollywood Boulevard, watching, as this moral odyssey unfolded. Very Entertaining!”

Wendy Degner Lac du Bonnet MB


“Great message, awesome graphics, told in a truly unique writing style! I love the way this story makes you think.

Tara Scott, Lac du Bonnet MB


"My neurons, jolted and firing at exceptional speed by Sveinson’s depiction of life on the boulevard, left me feeling as though I had transcended into a world where the revelations of human nature, cos play, and language, symbiotically reside.”

Doreen Mutungi, Nairobi, Kenya


“Far from a typical read, this story grabbed me and held me. Sveinson is a hunter gatherer of a story teller. Stand too close, and you too may become one of his prey. 

“PS - I love the cameos, especially Sveinson’s.”

Avid Reader, Lac du Bonnet MB​

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