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Collections of curious, antiquated, and obscure Artifacts from around the globe. 

Are you the right home tor one or more of these Tra\easures?.

 Please inquire regarding the piece you are interested in acquiring.

There is always more being added to The Hoard.  

Contact us about other curiosities that may soon be available.



Walter J, Phillips

Matching Tiny Set


The Carberry Plains

75 Years of Progression


Footsteps in
The Sand

A History of Sydney District


Pre-Columbian Artifacts

Various artifacts to add to your collection


German Barrel Head Carvings

3 Large Beautiful wooden carvings 

Encore Whisky 1.jpg

Bartender's Bell

Encore Whiskey Antique Bartenders Bell

German Modernist bud vase_edited.jpg

German Modernist Bud Vase

Tiny Hand-painted Bud Vase

death mask1_2918.JPG

Death Mask

Pre-Columbian Death Mask


NHL Collector Item

1990 Boston Bruins Storage Can

Palmistry Bowl_edited.jpg

Palm Reading Bowl;

Palmistry Map Bowl

Captain Canuck_edited.jpg

Comic Book

1975 First Edition

Inquire about these and many other items held in The Hoard.

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