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Current & Upcoming Projects

Sheldon is constantly creating his own masterpieces and has also been commissioned to work on many exciting and upcoming projects. 

Here are just a few...

The World of Grim ®

Head of Product Design & Illustration

Project artist responsible for cover art, page layout, design, and illustration.

The Adventures of Grim Willard, A Grim Beginning, A Grimmer END! has recently been released and is in select

Chapters Indigo and Coles Bookstores,

and at


An Adventure of Epic Proportions.


Great People of the Winnipeg River System

A portrait wall featuring 40+ local people of note, both historical and contemporary, and has been developed into a regional biography portrait Book.

Greatest People of the Winnipeg River – Winnipeg River Heritage Museum (

Long Live Johnny

Long Live Johnny and Other Tales to Live By.  Edited and with New Stories.  Coming Soon!

Long Live Johnny 2019 cover.jpg
The Incarceration of Henry Cover final for Premier Printing.jpg

The Incarceration of Henry Ground Keeper

This beloved book is being made into a musical/theatrical production!  

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