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Signed & numbered print of self portrait by S. V. Sveinson

Print size:  20" x  25" with 2" border

Framing options available, custom size prints available


About this piece:


"At the time ‘Life in Disarray’ was conceived, I was in an airplane on the way to LA. I was exhausted and in need of a break, something that unfortunately wasn’t going to be afforded me on this trip. Over the last six months or so things were crazy, no time to listen to what the muses had to say, something had to change. Anyway, with the plane having taken off, relieved, I closed my eyes, and there I was. No, not looking relaxed as I was leaving on a holiday, rather I saw me, desperate to get back to doing art after a long real world induced hiatus. With hands pushing downward, and my shoulders pushing upwards, with a host of muses swirling, encouragingly looking down at me, this was it, I just knew it, art was going to again take its rightful place. Not wanting to lose the image, I grabbed a pen, a napkin. Thirty seconds later I was folding the napkin up and putting it in my pocket. There was no way that I was going to let this image go. No way that I was going to give up on this fight to push life’s overburden out of the way (sweet dreams).
Despite this burning need to manifest this piece it took a solid two weeks to find the time. The thing is when I started to sketch it out, when I started to draw in the arms, the determined set of the mouth, when I tried to capture the fight of that moment, my hand just wouldn’t go where I was telling it to go. Instead of reflecting the struggle my strong angled arms and shoulders dropped, the firm look on my face softened to one which looked relieved yet exhausted. I must have restarted three or four times before stopping to ask why I couldn’t draw it as I could still so plainly see it. It was then when I realized that I was no longer the person fighting to allow one's creativity to reemerge, that fight was already done, it was won. I was instead, with my creative self finally again being set free, now post battle, the hard work was done, in need of a rest, time to contemplate my future, to appreciate the reappearance of the muses. Thus, with giving into this reality, 'Life in Disarray', as it is, as opposed to what it had been a mere two weeks earlier, was born under the guidance of those blessed muses.

~ Sheldon Valdimar Sveinson

" A Life in Disarray"

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