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Audio CD


Listen to the intriguing story of J.D. McArthur with this musical rendition.


Produced in Winnipeg at Nor’West Studios by JUNO nominated producer Patrick Alexandre.


To best tell this story in a musical format Sveinson reached out to several key people. These specifically including, among others, Composer Jesse Krause, Producer and accomplished Band Leader Patrick Alexandre, as well as a certain Person of Theatre by the name of Sean McMullen, our director/production designer. Together the four re imagined the novella of JD McArthur and the Winnipeg River Princess, together transforming it into what many have described as an potentially important theatrical production.


Initially produced in Lac du Bonnet Manitoba, to manifest the play, the above team started a new theatre group to stage its production - The Eureka Group, Players and Puppeteers. Being a new group made up of a mixture of first time amateurs as well as a couple seasoned professional and semi professionals, the group was pleasantly surprised by the exuberant acceptance of the communities members whom attended the play. Despite the controversial nature of the story, many raved about the plays historical revelations, the quality of the music. Several audience members, over the following weeks, reported back to the author, saying that watching the play, by how, historically speaking, it helped explain how things had actually come to be, that the story had changed their perception of how they fit into Manitoba’s human tapestry. Not only that but some claimed that it had changed how they now act in this world, how they treat others. Encouraged by these audience responses, this encouraged the team to take the project forward, to do what they could to bring this epic Canadian story to the people of Manitoba and beyond, Those who should see and here it, as culturally speaking it dispels untruths as it builds bridges.

The Musical! "The Saga of J.D. McArthur & The Winnipeg River Princess"

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