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This reformatted Re-release is coming soon!


This book defies the confines of the average adult colouring book by allowing you to become one of it’s creators and interpreters.  Included within, you will find a music download code for the single “The Last Days of the Broken Hearted Jester.”  Written and performed by the internationally renowned Weber Brothers, also known as “The Baddest Band in the Land,” the music, combined with the pictorial riddles is what sets this colouring book apart from others.


Graphically interpreted by author and artist extraordinaire, Sheldon Sveinson, the title of “The Last Days of the Broken Hearted Jester” is as old as time itself… forbidden passion, power, and corruption.  Set in mediaeval times, a princess betrothed to a faraway prince since birth, finds herself caught in a romantic tryst with the Court Jester – the King’s fool!  The King, in designating himself both judge and jury, seals the Jester’s fate. 


Through the use of colour, combined with your ability to connect the dots, you will define the meaning of this book.  In other words, it is you who completes the story by filling in the blanks.


Whether you use adult colouring books for meditation, relaxation, creative inspiration, expression, or just sheer pleasure – this book offers it all.  All it is missing is YOU!  By the time you have completed colouring this book you will have created a customized graphic novel with music included.  You may even decide to display some of your favorite pages and frame them for your home or office, making for interesting conversation pieces.


Truly a unique and interactive experience, we hope you will enjoy the ride.  So settle in, sharpen your pencil crayons, and let the colouring begin!


Share your thoughts and questions.  Join the conversation by following the Weber Brothers on Twitter @weberbrothers and use the hashtag #Jester.


With the purchase of this book comes a free audio link to the song "The Last Days of The Brokenn Hearted Jester" 



The Last Days of the Broken Hearted Jester

SKU: 0007
  • Music therapy at its finest. An epic tale, amazing artwork by Sheldon Sveinson, a perfect way to colour and sway between the lines of a powerhouse new tune from The Weber Brothers. I love it!

    - John Scoles, Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club, Winnipeg, Canada


    “ The Weber’s are never passively sitting still, entitled-lee waitin’ for Lady Luck or fate to change on its own. They’re never sleeping on the job, hopin’ for inspiration to strike, or a record deal to poop out of Santa’s ass. Some poems end up being songs, some end up in the garbage, others make damn fine paper airplanes or turning points for a future coarse. These brothers sleeves are always rolled up, treating music like the blue collar job that it is.” Also - The drawings are fuckin’ beautiful and gorgeous”

    - CR Avery: Poet, Painter, Musician, Songwriter... - Artist.


    Everyone, gather your pencil crayons and your headphones and ready yourself to enter a most intimate and unique experience. What an effective way of interacting with a brilliant and complex work of art!

    - Patrick Alexandre, Musician and Producer


    Details that delight! The brilliance of the Weber Brothers music combined with Sveinson’s thought provoking artistry provide you with an experience like none other. Together, Sveinson’s layered graphics, combined with Ryan’s lyrics, become the gift that keeps on giving!”

    - Pamela Habing, Designer & Coloring Enthusiast Extraordinaire


    “Canada’s best rootsy band scores with an epic idea. This fun-for-all tune is full of Basement Tapes characters set in a medieval fantasy, all set to a twangy groove. Plus, you get to colour! Your inner child will be very happy.”

    - Bob Mersereau, CBC


    "The bold tale of The Broken Hearted Jester reflects the complexity of life with this rich combination of artists. Full of symbolism and allegory that entertains while imploring you to look beyond the lines."

    - Cyndie Mitchell, Zombies Ate My Media...


    "I like this very, very much. The profound writing of The Weber Brothers is surpassed only by the demanding intensity of their live show. Add to this the fine, tasteful hand of Sheldon Sveinson and the people shall indeed be lined up all along the castle walls to watch the last days of the broken hearted jester."

    - Devin Latimer, Artistic Director, Trout Forest Music Festival. Juno Award recipient, Nathan


    "The Broken Hearted Jester (a beautiful thing to behold), is a vivid and refreshingly interactive work of art from The Weber Brothers and Sheldon Sveinson. Its beauty, in part, is it gives the listener the chance to become a part of the creative process."

    - Andrew Scott, Musician and Educator


    "Since they exploded onto the Peterborough live music scene 17 years ago, we have come to expect the unexpected from Ryan and Sam Weber. That said, was an adult colouring book on anyone’s radar? Beautifully illustrated with a deliciously haunting narrative, The Last Days of the Broken Hearted Jester is a feast fit for a king; its accompanying music track yet another testament to the lads’ boundless creative talent. Take heart. While the jester’s days may be numbered, Ryan and Sam are nowhere close to being done. I cannot wait to see where their journey takes us next."

    - Paul Rellinger, Rellinger Writing Services, Peterborough, Ontario


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